Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Henry Purcell: Dido's Lament

Soprano: Emma Kirkby

From Purcell's beautiful opera, Dido and Aeneas.

Dido ItalicItalic

(Detail from Rubens' painting Dido and Aeneas.)


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous painting! Her voice is so soothing. although so sad. Thanks:)

  2. I agree with Lucy about the painting. Gorgeous! I was just thinking of you yesterday and that I haven't listened to music in so long. My attention deficit is completely out of whack and I have not been able to listen to music. My mind is going a mile an hour and I cannot concentrate on anything. You should have seen me trying to cook my anniversary dinner. Completely scatter-brained and jumping from one task to another. Things will settle down. I am used to these episodes. And then I will be back to playing one lovely piece after another that you have selected. Perhaps that is the cure-all...a little Vivaldi!
    A Happy weekend to you dear Ninon,

  3. Hello Lucy,

    I like the detail too! :) It's really beautiful. And I also agree with you about Emma Kirkby's voice. I like that she doesn't use the vibrato, as often interpreted by others in Baroque singing.

  4. Hello Catherine,

    I'm glad you're back again! :) And I hope that things will calm down soon enough. Your anniversary dinner looked gorgeous! I'm always stunned by your beautiful 'banquets'! :))