Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Film music worth listening

Soundtrack from the period drama 'Young Victoria', named 'Constitutional Crisis' by composer Ilan Eshkeri. The lyrics are Purcell's. :)

Other great film music I can recommend is the soundtrack in Patrick Leconte's 'Ridicule'. The film music is by Antoine Duhamel, with a really Baroque feeling to it!

Oh, and you might want to compare the beginning to another great modern piece by Michael Nyman...

EDIT: Okay, I did some research, and 'Constitutional Crisis' seems to be some kind of paraphrase on Henry Purcell's 'The Cold Song' from his semi-opera 'King Arthur'. No wonder I like it so much! I guess Michael Nyman was influenced. Or it's a coincidence! Many things have been invented twice... :)

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