Monday, 10 May 2010

Dear Everybody,

Okay, here is the thing: there's 4o of you followers, that means actually 4o people who occasionally visits this blog. I haven't heard a word from any of you since... well, a very long time. Not even a little reaction (by the way, do you think I need to change that? Do you want like a "Dislike" reaction too..?). Therefore, I would like to know what you all are up to right now. Of course, to find that out I could just visit all your blogs, but let's make it a bit more fun and personal - and thus, break the silence. You are welcome to comment below and tell me what you are currently up too, if you're working, or studying, what books you are reading/films you are watching/your current pieces of music you're obsessed with/other obsessions, where you're located right now, what your lives look like etc. These are just examples. So I get to know you people a litte bit! :)

Of course, I will share similar information about myself when you're all finished.

Yours Truly,



  1. Oh, I'm sorry you've not heard from any of always pick wonderful art and music selections, your blog is a real blessing!

    As for me, I've had a bad cold lately!

    Best Wishes.

  2. Forgive me for not having written a brief note, as I think your blog is truly a joy to visit.

    Here's my story: I'm 30 years old, reside in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts, and am a compulsive scholar. I enjoy culture and religion, despise fanaticism, and am presently wondering if the Goths, Getae, and Jats derive from the same people somewhere in the Caucasus or northern Iranic region. I'm also the treasurer of a dining and entertaining society, but aside from that am a gentleman of leisure (read: unemployed).

    Looking forward to your revelations.

  3. Oh, hello!
    I'm currently obsessed with the music group Libera right now!
    Your blog is great! Don't change a thing!

  4. Please start posting again. We do enjoy your posts! We miss them!